Small Artificial Succulent Plants

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These artificial, but amazingly lifelike succulent plants are ideal for adding a dash of refreshingly modern style to your office, work space, home, living room, bedroom, kitchen counter, bathroom shelf, or windowsill. With realistic elegance, these succulent plants in modern white pots go well in many places.

Let them subtly enlighten any interior or exterior décor with their bright color that require little to no attention to maintain. All of these plants are unique in their own way which makes them look like a mini exhibition wherever you place them.

Bring the freshness of natural green to your space by placing these artificial succulents on any surface you desire!

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  1. Beautiful colors, chic realistic shapes, elegant and dignified.
  2. Environmentally friendly, long-term preservation, bloom all year round.
  3. There will be no shortage due to the changing of seasons.
  4. Those who are allergic to pollen can enjoy it boldly.
    Plant Type: Succulent plants / Aloe
    Suitable For: Desktops / Windowsills / Coffee tables / Bookshelves
    Material: Soft PVC (Plant) / Plastic (Pot) / Pebbles + Foam (Filler)
    Features: Realistic shape / Mini compact
    Weight: 30 - 60 g
    Sizes: 3.5 - 7.5cm wide x 6.5 - 11cm tall