Dish Drying Mat

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These silicone dish drying mats are designed to help the drying process for dishes, pans and cutlery. Constructed from flexible food grade silicone, the non-skid surface keeps the mat in place. Designed so air-flow completely dries the interior of glassware to prevent condensation and water spots.

NEW DESIGN & FAST DRYING: This drying mat's unique design helps dry dishes faster by maximizing drainage and aeration.
KEEP YOUR DISHES CLEAN: Soft, non-slip surface protects delicate items like stemware and is sized to fit large items such as frying pans, platters, salad bowls and more. The flexible silicone mat can be rolled up or hung up for storage. Made of food-safe silicone.
MULTI-PURPOSE: Due to a high heat resistance of over 400 degrees Fahrenheit, this dish draining rack is also suitable as a base for standing hot pots on.
EASY TO CLEAN: Cleaning this mat is extremely simple; it can be rinsed quickly by hand or placed in the dishwasher when a more thorough cleaning is needed.


Material: Silicone
Colors: Dark gray, Light gray, Apricot pink
Dimensions: 15.7*12in / 40*30cm
Temperature Range: -40°F - 446°F / -40°C - 230°C
Dishwasher safe

  • Wide ridge dish drying mat design for quick drying of dishes.

  • Much larger than other extra large dish drying mats.

  • Anti-bacterial material won't turn moldy or attract mildew.

  • Heat resistant, use as a base for hot pans. Anti-slip for pet food mat or shower mat.

  • Wipe clean or pop into dishwasher. Simply fold dish mat to store.