Animal Bite Cable Protectors

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Broken and frayed phone charging cables are now a thing of the past! These cute little Cable Bites slide right onto your charging cable to help reinforce the most fragile part of the cable.

Once you slip on one of these little guys, no need to worry about them sliding off. They bite down and won't let go, your cable will be constantly protected!

Take care of your phone charging cable with your favorite Cable Bite to protect it. While these Cable Bites are meant for the lightning charging cable, they will fit onto any other cable you throw at it. Put one on your phone cable, your tablet cable or any other cable you have!

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1.   Made of superior quality, durable and long lasting
2.   Perfectly fits your lightning cable, reinforce cable plug
3.   Prevent the cable from cracking, extends the life of the data cable
4.   Cute cartoon animals, beautiful decoration for your USB data cable
5.   Easy-to-use

Product size: 17.5 x 18 x 36 mm
Material: PVC
Weight: 10 g
Animals: Panda, Dog, Turtle, Alligator, Bunny, Hippo, Cat, Chameleon, Frog